Enterosignatures (ES) are microbial guilds composed of co-occurring genera that can be combined to accurately describe the microbiome composition of the human gut microbiome.

We identified 5 ES in a large meta-cohort of more than 5000 samples spanning 13 countries and all ages of life (Hildebrand et al 2021). Each ES was dominated by a genus or a group of genera associated to a phylum. Samples were mostly described by the association of two or three ES of varying relative abundance. We demonstrated that the ES composition of individuals is subject to long-term changes during lifetime but is also sensitive to sporadic perturbations such as antibiotic treatments.

We found associations between the ES composition of samples and health and disease markers. In addition, we hypothesise that low fitting to this five-ES model can be an indicator of an atypical microbiome composition.

The ES project aims at being collaborative. Feel free to contact us to enhance the pool of signatures that can accurately describe the gut microbiome in health and disease. For more information go to Calculate Enterosignatures and Submit new.