ES-Bact is dominated by genus Bacteroides. It is a founder population of the human gut microbiome that appears early in infants. Its relative abundance prevails in recovering microbiomes, and is strongly associated to antibiotic treatments.

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Background Identification study First included
Frioux et. al (202X) November 2022
Known associations Dataset Associations
BMISbeta-lactam (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
inhibitor antibiotic intake (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
macrolide (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
tetracycline (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
total antibiotics (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
trimethoprim (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
age (negative) (Frioux et. al (202X))
fat mass (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
GMR adultsantibiotics (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
GMR infantsbirth weight (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
delivery mode (negative) (Frioux et. al (202X))
age (positive) (Frioux et. al (202X))
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Composition Rank Taxa
Kingdom Bacteria (93.63%)
Phylum Bacteroidota (89.29%)
Firmicutes_A (3.59%)
Proteobacteria (0.75%)
Class Bacteroidia (89.29%)
Clostridia (3.59%)
Gammaproteobacteria (0.75%)
Order Bacteroidales (89.29%)
Oscillospirales (2.29%)
Burkholderiales (0.75%)
Lachnospirales (1.3%)
Family Bacteroidaceae (82.29%)
Tannerellaceae (4.74%)
Ruminococcaceae (2.29%)
Rikenellaceae (2.26%)
Burkholderiaceae (0.75%)
Lachnospiraceae (1.3%)
Genus Bacteroides (60.98%)
Phocaeicola (21.31%)
Parabacteroides (4.74%)
Faecalibacterium (2.29%)
Alistipes (2.26%)
Sutterella (0.75%)
Roseburia (0.68%)
Blautia (0.62%)